Thursday, June 10, 2010

King Soopers

I'm in love with the fact that a general grocery store is keeping up with the food allergen community and King Soopers, a brand of Kroger, is completely surpassing my expectations. The King Soopers near me has set a precedent and through this, Kroger's stores nationwide are setting into motion a more gluten-free friendly environment. This all started because the assistant store manager at my store has celiac's and saw how hard it was to buy food at a reasonable cost. She set into motion working with vendors of gluten-free products as well as revamping Kroger's store brand items and how they are labeled. I'm still in awe over the fact that many manufactures believe they can charge gluten-free consumers so much more then the typical norm and get away with it. Although, I do see this thought process slowly changing. I'll be posting their brochures, pamphlets and literature of the liking soon! In the mean time, call your local Kroger's store and see what they are doing to help you out today, they might even offer gluten-free tours.